ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 Certified


For more than 65 years, ITW CIP (California Industrial Products) has been earning a reputation for unique automotive fastener designs, technologies and processes. ITW CIP fasteners can be found on vehicle platforms around the world – securing fenders, bumpers, chassis assemblies, doors, interior components and much more. And we’re only getting started. As part of the ITW Global Automotive Fasteners Group, ITW CIP continues to lead the way with growing capabilities and innovative ideas that add real value.

ITW CIP specializes in the design and manufacturing of fasteners and related products. These consist primarily of specially designed, internally multi-threaded spring steel fasteners. While the majority of our products are supplied to the automotive industry, ITW CIP also supplies a variety of other industries including appliance, computer and farm machinery manufacturers.

Staying Customer Focused

We are always aggressively searching for better ways to help you reduce vehicle weight and cost while improving overall performance and durability. ITW CIP will deliver innovative design solutions where traditional approaches fall short. Whether you need an innovative fastening method for a new platform or creative ways to reduce manufacturing challenges in an existing design, ITW CIP can help you find the solution. We approach every challenge with a fresh perspective. We consider every possibility. To us, the possibilities are endless. Where most see just fasteners, we see opportunities.

By staying flexible and customer-focused, ITW CIP gives the kind of proactive support you might only expect from a much smaller supplier partner. We believe it’s the best of both worlds. And we’d like to prove it. For more information or to arrange a personal presentation, call us and together we can explore the possibilities.

ITW CIP is a division of Illinois Tool Works (, a $15 billion organization with 800 divisions spanning North America, South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Through its global network and state-of-the-art corporate Technology Center in Glenview, IL, ITW CIP has access to unmatched organizational resources, talent and technologies, ensuring you are well supported at home or around the world.

ITW CIP Quality Policy

ITW CIP is committed to meeting or exceeding customer requirements while striving to continuously improve our Quality system, and the processes that support that system. ITW CIP’s quality system identifies Quality objectives, and sets forth the standards that allow us to comply with customer & regulatory requirements as well as creates an environment to promote better customer service.

ITW CIP’s Health & Safety (OHSAS) Policy

By working together with customers, suppliers, and each other, the men and women of ITW CIP, a unit of North America Metal Fasteners division, are dedicated to maintaining a culture of continual improvement of health and safety, by identifying and reducing risk of injury or illness within the organization, in compliance with all legal and other requirements.