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Welcome to ITW CIP Online

For more than 65 years, ITW CIP has been earning a reputation for unique automotive fastener designs, technologies and processes.

Whether you need a fastening solution for a new platform or innovative ways to make an existing design stronger, lighter, and more cost-effective, ITW CIP can help. ITW CIP fasteners can be found on vehicle platforms around the world – securing fenders, bumpers, chassis assemblies, doors, interior components and much more.


With over 800 divisions spanning North America, South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim, our global network provides the kind of flexible, customer-focused and responsive support you might only expect of a smaller supplier partner. We believe it’s the best of both worlds. And we’d like to prove it!

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Compensation Nut

Compensation Nut

ITW’s Advanced Compensation Nut (ACN) provides an efficient and economic solution to any gap and tolerance issues that may have your assembly efficiency pinned down.

The ITW Compensation Nut is designed to snap into a panel and auto adjust during the bolt installation process providing a solid carrying column of strength. Simply snap the ACN in place, insert the bolt and as it gets tightened, the system auto-adjusts to bridge the gap between components producing a stronger, more durable assembly.

  • Ensures a stronger, tension-free and distortion-free assembly
  • Installs quickly, easily and with minimal effort
  • Design prevents excessive panel overcompensation and “tin-canning” issues created by other nuts
  • Ideal for use with a wide range of interior and exterior applications including door, roof and headlight/front end systems


Our Advanced Compensation Nut is made from an ultra-high strength steel, allowing us to make it significantly lighter without compromising strength. A lighter compensation nut contributes to vehicle weight reduction and decreases freight charges while the added strength contributes to higher wear resistance, greater shear strength and a decreased rate of distortion, which improves quality.


  • High compressive load carrying capability
  • Fewer assembly components
  • Integrated anti-jam nut feature
  • Improved bolt alignment
  • Lighter weight
  • Anti upper & lower nut separation feature
  • Able to expand 0-8mm
  • Made from ultra-high strength steel with anti-galvanic corrosion resistant finish

ITW Advanced Compensation Nut

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The ITW CIP CAB Clip also known as “Curtain Airbag Clip” offers high retention and low costs compared to other airbag clips on the market.

Utilizing ITW CIP CAB clips will save mass, time, and cost, and offer lower retention values compared to a bolted attachment. Utilizing a combination of CAB clips and bolts is a sound strategy for optimizing cost, mass, assembly time, and retention.

ITW CIP CAB Clip Options

  • Curtain air bags attach in multiple locations along the A-pillar and side roof rail of the vehicle
  • The number of attachment points and methods of attachment vary by airbag supplier/OEM
  • Application is generally a mixture of clips and bolts


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