Specialty Products

ITW CIP excels in providing the customers with innovative and cost-effective means to satisfy special design requirements.

Responsible for holding automotive components together worldwide, ITW engineers are uniquely qualified to custom design fasteners and fastening systems to meet your design’s special requirements or unusual applications.Unique application or attachment requirements typically require specifically engineered fasteners.

Specialty Fastener Solutions

These parts do not fit normal fastening categories, but require special treatment consisting of one or more components working together to satisfy a specific fastening requirement. Products which require a special or unique stamping service are well within the scope of our expertise. With more than 5,000 tooled parts to choose from, a solution can often be found quickly with little or no tooling cost.

    • Materials ranging from stainless steel, high carbon, alloy steel and various types of non-ferrous materials.
    • Provided in sizes from 4mm-14mm. (Also available in English units).
    • Prevailing torque (locking feature) can be incorporated into the threaded sleeve.
    • Class 9 is standard with Class 10 availability.